A Wilted Willow

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Mira Miller has never forgotten the day the portal closed behind her as she was suddenly thrust back into her own world. She has never forgotten the friends she left behind or the fight she left unfinished. Will her desperate attempts to find her way back to Nother World succeed in reuniting her with the place and people she unwillingly abandoned?

Life for Cadmus Clark has never been the same since Mira disappeared. As his world grows ever darker, it becomes harder and harder to hold onto the final small threads of hope – hope that the evil which has taken over will ever be vanquished. Has the splendor of Nother World vanished forever?

Both Mira and Cadmus will fight for the return of the Nother World they loved. But can you ever really go back?




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Julia Witmer is a sixteen-year-old Christian writer with a passion for all things imaginative and creative. Her creativity usually expresses itself in the form of YA fantasy. When she isn’t typing away at her computer, Julia enjoys devouring the advice of other authors on blogs, listening to music, and nursing her unhealthy obsession with Doctor Who, Sherlock and The Mentalist. Making her home in Chiang Mai, Thailand, she enjoys the advantages of homeschooling and the extra time spent with her parents, siblings, favorite cat, Layla, and her sweet Shih Tzu puppy, Mercy.