Character Guest Posts

These character guest posts are of characters from my work in progress, which is currently titled “Everending.”  I hope you enjoy getting to know them as much as I did!

Character Guest Post: Endings

endings guest post 2

Thanks for joining me today, En. So, if I understand correctly, you and your brothers were cast from your home and forced to find your way back without the use of your powers, which were taken away from you at the time you were banished, right?

Yeah. It was a rough time, and a lot of really bad stuff happened. Ever since then, I’ve changed. A lot. I don’t think I’ll ever be the same.

   So, where did you grow up?

A palace floating in space.

That’s something you don’t see everyday! Can you tell me more about this floating palace? Well, it’s just kind of . . . there over Deerdren – the planet below. I don’t live there anymore, though, cause I moved out when I turned eighteen and headed to my own place. It’s built underground, down on Deerdren.

What’s your job?

I control Endings.
What kind of endings? Well, you know, that could be the ending of a movie, a TV show, that plant you’ve been trying to grow for months, a storm,  or . . . even a life.
Okay, so how do you feel about your job? I hate it. You know, a lot of the people on Deerdren don’t even believe my family really exists, and the ones who still do don’t understand my job, and the jobs of my brothers and sister, and think that we’re gods. But, as Father enjoys pointing out EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. we talk, we’re not gods. We’re like servants, put where we are to do our best to keep the planet safe.
But that doesn’t make sense. I mean, how does ending things serve the people on Deerdren? You know what, it took me a while to get used to the idea that what I was doing was good, too. Remember the last time you got a song stuck in your head? Imagine what it would be like if nothing ever ended.
Okay, I guess I can see your point.

So, how’s your relationship with your family?

I don’t wanna talk about it. Next question.

Oookay . . . How old are you now?

Um . . . I don’t know. I don’t remember. Being immortal, I’m a few thousand years old give or take, but I stopped counting after I moved out of my Father’s place.

What’s your greatest fear?

Can we skip this question? No? Fine. Getting into the deep stuff now, huh? Well . . . ever since I almost drowned as a kid, I’ve been completely terrified of water. I’ll drink it, sure, but if I have a choice, I’m not gonna swim in it or sail on it. Ever.
Wait, wait. How is it possible for the person in charge of endings to end?Well, you’re not gonna give a toddler the power of life and death, are you? No. Father didn’t either. I didn’t have any powers yet. And, now? Well . . . let’s just say I have certain vulnerabilities, and leave it at that.

Do you have any hobbies?

I LOVE to read history books. They’re so funny! I have a great time correcting them – I mean, I was there, and a lot of them are WAY off. I also enjoy reading the old Deerdrinian Fairy Tales, cause I like to hear all the true things that just barely peek through the fake stories. I mean, every fairy tale started from something real, right?

You mentioned that you’d changed a lot since your adventure. Why do you think that is?

Well . . . ah, when you lose the things that you think matter the most to you, but then find that those aren’t what really matter after all, it changes you. It makes you think about who you really are and why you do what you do and how you became who you are. My whole world was flipped upside down, but at the end I, uh . . . I realized that I’m worth more than I thought.
Hey, I really gotta run now. Interview . . . over!

Character Guest Post: Dreams

Thanks so much forcharacter guest post - Dreams joining me today, Dreams! I’m thrilled to get started, and to get to know you more. Like your brother, you were thrown out of your home and forced to find your way back without the use of the powers – which were taken away from you when you were banished, correct?

How did you feel about it at the time? Wasn’t too happy ‘bout it to start out but, I mean, it’s cool now. You know, it kinda worked out for the best in the end.

Right. So, your younger brother controls endings. What do you control?

Uh . . . dreams.

Be a little more specific, could you? Sure, I guess. I control all sorts of dreams. The kind at night, the kind that makes you go after your passions, the kind that makes you think of that big mansion you’ll get one day or the family you’ll have. You know, whatever.

Do you enjoy your work? Yeah! Lots of cool things I can do with this power. I’m lucky to have it.

How do you get along with your family?

Pretty good. I mean, Endings and I’ve always had our arguments and stuff, but since the trip he’s been a little more likable, you know? Everyone else’s great, too.

Do you have a sibling you spend the most time with? Probably my older bro, Time. We’re total opposites, but we get along okay. My brother Life’s cool, too, but I mostly hang out with Time.

How old are you?

Little older than Endings?

Thanks for that enlightening information . . .If you could go back Deerdren all over again, and repeat the experience the exact same way, would you?

Maybe. For the most part I got my fill of it the first time and I’m not so sure I’d want to go through it all again. We met some good people and all, but I’m not so sure I want to go back the same way we did before. I’m good with looking at it from my house.

Oh, right! Where’s your palace situated? One of the four moons. I can see Father’s place from mine.

How would you react if you were put in a situation where you could die?

Eh, no use stressing about it. It’ll work out okay.

Have you ever been in a life and death situation? Because, for the most part, that’s not how actual people react when put in that place . . .Yeah, I’ve been in some. Like I said, it’ll all be good. No worries, dude. I mean, worrying doesn’t make the situation any better, does it?

Well, I guess not . . . Do you have any hobbies?

Oh man, I love playing the guitar.

What do you like about it? Keeps me calm. Gives me something to focus on when I’m getting kinda stressed, you know?

Do you think you changed at all over the course of your time on Deerdren?

Oh, yeah. We all did. We learned to live with each other better, and I figured out Endings isn’t all that bad. We all get along better now, even if it isn’t perfect 24/7.

Why didn’t you get along before? . . . Reasons that were . . . well, to be honest, they were pretty dumb. I held some stuff against him that I, ah, I just really shouldn’t have. On Deerdren, I realized I was being a jerk. We hang out more since coming back, cause I’ve stopped focusing on what he did, and he’s forgiven me for, uh, being so . . . stupid.

You know, I, uh, I really hate to break it off so soon and all, but I’ve got work to do. See you later, guys!

Right. Thanks for stopping by, Dreams!

Character Gust Post: Time


Hey, Time! Thanks for joining me today – I really appreciate it. I’m super excited to get started. So, you and your brothers were thrown out of your Father’s house and onto Deerdren – the planet below – after having your powers taken away from you. You were then forced to try and make your way back to your Father with the help of your brothers, and a few others along the way, right?

Correct. It was a long and troublesome time, but I think we all came out better after.

I see. So, your other brothers control endings and dreams – I assume that means you control time. Would you mind explaining what that’s like, and what your limitations are?

I do control time, yes. This means that I control how long something may last, or even the time of day. I control all aspects of time, though it is mostly an indirect thing that comes naturally to me. For instance, I don’t have to consciously tell the seconds to pass, it comes to me just as easily as breathing. Other things, like time changes, how long a certain event will last, etcetera, are more conscious decisions.

Are there any hardships that come with the job of being time that most people don’t know about? I’d venture to guess that most people would think my job pretty easy. It seems like an enjoyable one, too. But, in a way, it has its own burdens. By choosing how long something will last – which is something Endings and I have to speak together about and agree upon rationally – I am basically making Endings do his job. Before, that might not have bothered me much, but recently, since returning from the trip, I feel bad for it. He’s never cared for his job, you know.

Ah, yeah. That makes sense.

How old are you?

I’m around four years older than Dreams, although physically I appear as if I’m in my mid to late twenties.

How does that work, exactly? I mean, Endings looks like he’s eighteenish, Dreams looks like he’s in his early twenties – but you’re all thousands of years old. Why does it work like that? That’s easily answered, actually. We appear physically the way we think. So, mentally, Endings thinks like an eighteen-year-old, while I think like a twenty-five to twenty-seven-year-old.

So, your Father’s palace is floating in space – where’s yours?

Mine is nowhere as extravagant as Father’s. I live in a long-forgotten clearing in the middle of a forest in the Dwarven Section.

Do you have anyone that you really admire, and if so, why do you admire them so much?

Father. He’s very wise and patient, and he always has been. He was even strong enough to give up his powers to his kids, to keep himself from becoming corrupt! I admire him greatly.

Is there anything in your past you wish you could change?

The way I treated others – just in general. I was a very selfish person before being stuck on Deerdren, and I’ve definitely changed for the better.

Do you have any hobbies?

I play a lot of chess.

What is it about chess that you enjoy? Well, I enjoy the time I get to spend with whoever plays with me – usually Life, but sometimes even Dreams or Endings will join in. I also find it relaxing, and I enjoy strategizing, so it’s a good game for me.

Earlier, you said that you’d “changed for the better.” Becoming less selfish was one of the areas you said you’d grown in – were there any other things that have changed since coming back?

I’ve gotten better at staying calm and not losing my temper so easily – although I will admit that I’m nowhere close to being perfect, and there’s still room for improvement. According to Endings, I’ve stopped being a sycophant; of course, me being me, I wouldn’t say I was a sycophant at all . . .

Other than that, my relationship with other people in general has definitely improved, and I’m better at coming across as a normal, not so uptight and annoying person – not that I’m saying I ever was in the first place.

Well, uh, I hate to do this and all, but Endings and I had an agreed upon time and . . . Well, I’m going to get going now. See you all later!


Character Guest Post: Life


Hello, Life! It’s nice to have you here today. I’m excited to get to know you more! Now, if I remember correctly, you and your brothers were cast from your Father’s palace and onto Deerdren. You then had to find your way back without the use of your powers, right?

Hello, Grace. I’m glad to be here today. And, yes, that is correct. It was a troubling time, and I wasn’t the happiest during the trip. However, afterword, I realized that it was for my best, and the best for my brothers.

So, your other brothers control various things, and I naturally assume that you control life. But, what sort of life do you control? Could you dive a bit deeper into the topic?

Yes, of course. I do control life, but that is not narrowed down to a single kind of life. It includes human life, the life of an idea, machinery, a new kind of food, a plant, a new kingdom – almost anything you could think of.

Do you like your job? Yes! I could not imagine myself in another position. I wouldn’t trade my job for the world.

What about it do you like? I like being able to bring happiness to Deerdren – to see the joy on other people’s faces. It is the most wonderful feeling in the world.

You’re the oldest sibling, correct?

Yes. A few years older than Time, though not by much. I do look like I could be . . . oh, I’d say twenty years older than he, but looks can be deceiving.

Time said that you look the way you think mentally. Do you consider yourself to be wise and experienced – or, older, as some might see it? Well . . . maybe a little, yes. I am thousands of years old, though, so I believe that I’ve earned the right.

Everyone in your family has a palace located somewhere random near or on Deerdren. Where’s yours? What do you like about its location?

My palace is located in the sky, but can’t be seen from the ground. I believe it’s an ideal location, because I can see much from where I am, without having to use powers and energy. I enjoy seeing the bustle of the cities underneath me.

Wait, wouldn’t your palace get run into or something? What about planes? Um . . . what is a . . . “plane?”

Okay, I guess that answers my question . . . Do you consider yourself to have any talents?

Other than my job? I haven’t really thought about it before . . . I suppose I’m a good leader. I can organize things, and I’m quite used to being the one to give orders and being the one in charge.

When you’re making decisions, do you tend to choose based on logic or emotions?

Logic. I’m sure someone out there disagrees with me on that, but I’m quite confident that my decisions are usually based on logic. However, in some areas, it would depend on the situation.

 Are there any lessons in life you’ve had to learn the hard way?

I am not actually perfect. I’d convinced myself for a long while that I was, and it clouded my judgement . . . I’m not really comfortable going any deeper into the subject.

No problem! Do you have any hobbies?

I do enjoy painting. There are a few other de-stressors in my life, but I believe that is the first thing I go to, to calm myself.

What is it about painting that you enjoy? I like being able to focus on something specific, and not allow my mind to wander. Painting is one of the ways I do this.

Do you think you changed at all on your journey with your brothers?

Absolutely. All of us did. None of us walked away without learning something from it.

What did you learn? Well, as I said before, that I’m far from perfect. I also learned that I needed to stop judging others while ignoring my own faults – nobody is stainless; not even me.

Thanks so much for stopping by, Life! I enjoyed the time that we had to get to know you, and I hope I’ll see you again some time!

It was my pleasure. Thank you for asking me.