Being A Writer


I’m a writer, and sometimes – pretty much always – the worlds I write about become more and more real to me, and, when they do, I want to escape and journey into that world.

As a writer, while writing my books, I often get pulled into the world of my imagination, and the people around me no longer exist. Instead, I’m in a land of pirates or magic; of mermaids or princesses; of warriors and kingdoms. When my characters speak, I can hear it clearly as if it weren’t just words on a page. When they laugh or cry, when they yell or whisper, it feels as if they’re right beside me. When I write, I learn that I’m not being drawn into a fake world, but a world as real as ours.

As a writer, I realize that dragons exist, or that I have magical powers I never even knew of. I discover that there is kingdom after kingdom of trouble and adventure that is just around the corner. My characters are my friends, and I have great h18136834_291032777976683_206190476_nopes and dreams for each and every one of them. I’m closer to my characters than anyone I’ve ever met in real life, and I know more about them than anyone else.

As a writer, I have been to the places my characters visit millions of times in my imagination. I know what the city smells like, or how many flowers are sprinkled throughout the field. I know how bright the grass is, or how full the well is. I know every little piece of moss that grows on the rocks, and every abandoned building that lies waiting in the forest.
I am a writer.


Whispers of the Wind

Wind, although unseen, is a very beautiful thing.

It rustles the bright leaves of the autumn trees and causes the lilies of the fields to dance before your very eyes.

It whistles and calls to you during the darkest of times, telling you of its loneliness as it groans and whispers in the fiercest of storms.

It watches you in the happiest and most mournful moments in your life and allows you to never feel alone or unwanted, although it may be.

The wind shall never age, nor will it ever abandon you.

It will see you born and see you die. It will weep at your passing.

The wind has a temper of hurricanes and tornadoes, yet has the coolness of the gentle winter breeze as the snowflakes drift softly to the ground.

The wind is a very beautiful thing.


New Book – “Forsaken”

I am happy to announce that I have officially begun writing a new book! I’m still working on tons of edits with The Ending, and I’m nowhere close to being done with that one, but I decided that I wanted to write this story that I’ve been passionate about for a while now.

I’m still working on the book my older sister and I came up with a while back (I’m trying to write about 1,000 words of each a day), I’ve just added another to the list. This is probably going to exhaust me some, but since my edits on The Ending have slowed down some, I think I can do it (especially since my older sister and I are working together on Until We Meet Again and it isn’t a one-man job)!

I’m so excited to get deeper into the story! I’ve reached 16,000 words on Forsaken (yup, that’s the name), which is 71 pages in my document. I’m hoping to reach at least 80,000 words with this novel. The genre is YA dystopian – about a man named Wolfe who is seemingly unable to be redeemed, yet his friend Clio knows that with God anyone can be redeemed. This book will be the first in a trilogy, and I’m in love with the story already! 


“Writer” means “Dreamer”

I go through life very differently than most people. I’m weird – and it’s fun. I pretend to be from far off lands, or I pretend that I’m someone else entirely. I do all this to spark my imagination; to help me write. And it’s fun!


I go exploring with friends, or I save an entire village from far-off dangers. All to help me think about what it would be like to be one of my characters. I become my own character – one that’s different from who I really am, but is still me.

I’m a writer. I have a wild imagination, and I use it all the time. I can hardly walk outside without thinking of a new idea, or without letting my imagination run on its own. I’m a writer – and a writer is a dreamer.



What’s New With Me?

What’s new with me? Well, for starters, I’m excited to say that I finished draft #Celebrate-Success3 of “The Ending,” coming in at 82,721 words! There’s still loads of work to be done before I can begin querying (sending emails to agents to see if they are interested in my book), but that doesn’t mean I’m not super excited to get done with that draft. I’ll probably look over it myself a couple more times before sending it to some specially selected people and have them read through and edit, too.

I’ve also been writing a book my older sister and I are working on together. It’s currently titled “Until We Meet Again,” and it’s based off some dreams she had. I’ve categorized it in YA fantasy, and I have fallen in love with the story! So far, we’re only at about 10,000 words, but I’ve gotten back into the flow of writing it and am really enjoying myself!

Only a couple of days ago I began reading “The Lost Girl of Astor Street” by Stephanie Morrill. I haven’t Book-The-Lost-Girl-of-Astor-Streetgotten very far, but I’ve gotten far enough to know that I absolutely love it! I totally recommend it to anyone who likes young adult historical fiction novels. It reads well, and it grabbed me into the story from page one. Not only is it a great read that flows well, but just look at the cover! Isn’t it gorgeous?

As for anything else happening in my life, it consists of nothing more than doing school and writing, and looking forward to – hopefully – watching the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie soon.

Is anything new happening in your life? Any movie or book you’re looking forward to coming out soon? Have you read “The Lost Girl of Astor Street” and, if so, did you enjoy it? Tell me in the comments below, or on my Facebook page Julia Witmer, Author!