About Me

So you can get a deeper glimpse into who I really am, I’ve created a list of fun facts about me!

  1. I live in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Just making this clear, here: Thailand not Taiwan. It’s located in Asia, just below China and in between Burma and Laos. I moved here nearly three years ago, and I’ll admit that it was hard to adjust originally. After the first year, however, it started really feeling like home.map

 2. I’m obsessed with memes. I’m not even joking here – it’s probably unhealthy. They just make me laugh so hard!

Do you see this? Comedy gold, right here.

3. For the first ten(ish) years of my life I was a pastor’s kid. Honestly, I think that being a pastor’s kid helped me adjust to being a missionary kid. I mean, I was already pretty used to people knowing my dad no matter what church we went to, and I was used to people assuming I have to be “perfect” because of my dad’s job.

4. I’m home-schooled and I love it. Some homeschoolers might not like that they are, but I do! It made the transition here so much easier than it would have if I’d had to go to a new school, too. (If you want to know some of the ups and downs I’ve found about homeschooling, you can go to my other blog and check them out)

5. I love Doctor Who. Too much. I don’t know what it is, but I can’t help it. A show that has aliens, time travel and epic fighting scenes? How can I not love it?

6. I’ve always wanted to go to England. Don’t know what it is, I just really want to go there. 18136834_291032777976683_206190476_n

7. I’ve probably been to more places than anyone else on planet earth. And that is not an exaggeration. I mean, no, in real life I haven’t, but in my imagination? Gosh, I go all over to place! I’ve been to fantastic worlds, and I’ve ridden on dragons. Oh, and I also like pretending I’m a fairy. Just ask anyone.

8. I can’t imagine a life without God. Seriously. He’s my rock, and He’s gotten me through all the tough things in life. I couldn’t imagine going through what I’ve had to without Him, and I’d never want to!