“The Ending” has a new title!

Just picture it: a teenage girl (that would be me) sitting at her computer and pounding her head on the table beside it as she tries to figure out what her book baby (yes, that is what we writers call our manuscripts) should be called.

To a writer, the name of his/her book is almost as important as the name she would give her own child, and that, my friends, is a fact. The title does multiple things for the book, the #1 thing being this: if the title isn’t good, nobody wants to read it. All you readers out there know exactly what I’m talking about, I’m sure. If the name isn’t good, who’s to say all the words inside of it are?

I struggled with this, as the name The Ending wasn’t awful, but it didn’t represent my book the way I’d hoped it would. The name didn’t speak wonders about my book or even make me want to pick it up.

So, after I sat around for days on end, banging my head on the table in agony and drinking unhealthy amounts of tea, I decided to look for help. Shocking, I know.

Character Collage

I got on Facebook and went to the Go Teen Writers group that I’m a part of. I sent out a message, giving a brief description of my book and the characters, and asking in total desperation for somebody – anybody – to help me figure out what it should be called.

After receiving some feedback, I then spent the next few days working out which ones I liked best and weeding through the titles. What felt like years later, I finally decided what I liked best.


So, ladies and gentlemen, The Ending is hereby changed to . . .

Drum roll . . .

“Everending!” Yes, that’s correct, I have a cool new title for the book. It may not last forever, but I sure do like it a lot. It wraps in characters, plot and story in one simple word. Everending.

What do you think of the new title? What comes to mind when you hear the word “Everending?” Tell me in the comments, or on my Facebook page, Julia Witmer, Author!


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