Whispers of the Wind

Wind, although unseen, is a very beautiful thing.

It rustles the bright leaves of the autumn trees and causes the lilies of the fields to dance before your very eyes.

It whistles and calls to you during the darkest of times, telling you of its loneliness as it groans and whispers in the fiercest of storms.

It watches you in the happiest and most mournful moments in your life and allows you to never feel alone or unwanted, although it may be.

The wind shall never age, nor will it ever abandon you.

It will see you born and see you die. It will weep at your passing.

The wind has a temper of hurricanes and tornadoes, yet has the coolness of the gentle winter breeze as the snowflakes drift softly to the ground.

The wind is a very beautiful thing.


2 thoughts on “Whispers of the Wind

    1. I am so sorry for not getting to this comment sooner! I wasn’t notified of it!

      Thank you 🙂 As for being on Yahoo News, I had no idea that I was listed there at all, and this is news to me! All that I know, really, is that I post regularly (on Wednesdays and Fridays of each week), and I don’t know if that has helped with getting on Yahoo News or not (because, as I said before, you’ve been the one to officially tell me about this!). I wish that I could have been of more help to you, and I apologize that I couldn’t be.

      Have a wonderful day!


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