New Book – “Forsaken”

I am happy to announce that I have officially begun writing a new book! I’m still working on tons of edits with The Ending, and I’m nowhere close to being done with that one, but I decided that I wanted to write this story that I’ve been passionate about for a while now.

I’m still working on the book my older sister and I came up with a while back (I’m trying to write about 1,000 words of each a day), I’ve just added another to the list. This is probably going to exhaust me some, but since my edits on The Ending have slowed down some, I think I can do it (especially since my older sister and I are working together on Until We Meet Again and it isn’t a one-man job)!

I’m so excited to get deeper into the story! I’ve reached 16,000 words on Forsaken (yup, that’s the name), which is 71 pages in my document. I’m hoping to reach at least 80,000 words with this novel. The genre is YA dystopian – about a man named Wolfe who is seemingly unable to be redeemed, yet his friend Clio knows that with God anyone can be redeemed. This book will be the first in a trilogy, and I’m in love with the story already! 


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