What’s New With Me?

What’s new with me? Well, for starters, I’m excited to say that I finished draft #Celebrate-Success3 of “The Ending,” coming in at 82,721 words! There’s still loads of work to be done before I can begin querying (sending emails to agents to see if they are interested in my book), but that doesn’t mean I’m not super excited to get done with that draft. I’ll probably look over it myself a couple more times before sending it to some specially selected people and have them read through and edit, too.

I’ve also been writing a book my older sister and I are working on together. It’s currently titled “Until We Meet Again,” and it’s based off some dreams she had. I’ve categorized it in YA fantasy, and I have fallen in love with the story! So far, we’re only at about 10,000 words, but I’ve gotten back into the flow of writing it and am really enjoying myself!

Only a couple of days ago I began reading “The Lost Girl of Astor Street” by Stephanie Morrill. I haven’t Book-The-Lost-Girl-of-Astor-Streetgotten very far, but I’ve gotten far enough to know that I absolutely love it! I totally recommend it to anyone who likes young adult historical fiction novels. It reads well, and it grabbed me into the story from page one. Not only is it a great read that flows well, but just look at the cover! Isn’t it gorgeous?

As for anything else happening in my life, it consists of nothing more than doing school and writing, and looking forward to – hopefully – watching the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie soon.

Is anything new happening in your life? Any movie or book you’re looking forward to coming out soon? Have you read “The Lost Girl of Astor Street” and, if so, did you enjoy it? Tell me in the comments below, or on my Facebook page Julia Witmer, Author!


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